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Here, users can follow the links to find key advice related to looking for and landing their next position. If you are looking for some general information about careers and employment opportunities in the aquaculture industry please visit our Careers Info page.

Helping you into work

Finding a job may prove harder than you think. You'll need to make some initial, as well as on-going preparations, in order to put you in the best position to start looking for a job.

Tips for safe job seeking

You would imagine applying for a job is a risk free process. There are some keys pieces of advice you can follow, not only to help ensure your safety, but also to help prevent identity theft.

Planning your job search

Landing your dream job may take days, or it may take months. Whichever it is, you'll need a plan of attack, so that you know which jobs to apply for, and how and where to look for them.

Using your existing online presence

In this digital age you most likely have some kind of presence on the internet, most commonly because of Social Media. This can be used to your advantage, both in looking for a job as well as being selected for a job. On the flip-side it can also work against you.

CV's & covering letters

Your  CV and covering letter are your biggest self-marketing tools. Your covering letter will probably determine whether employers decide to look at your CV, so you'll want to know what, and what not to include.

Application forms

There are several rules you'll want to follow to make sure your application form remains at the top of the pile.


It's make or break time, and the stress levels are high. How can you prepare yourself to get through the interview?

Useful links

Lots of useful web links to help you find other job sites and keep up to date with industry news.

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