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IAEWS MemberAquaculture is a highly specialised field, with companies very often employing from abroad in order to recruit the candidate with the most suitable skills. At the same time, candidates often seek jobs abroad in order to find the opening that is right for them.

The beauty of aquaculture is that the skills you acquire with one company in one country are highly transferable to other companies in other countries, so there is no limit, either from where you recruit as an employer, or where you work as an employee!

Whether its fish or shellfish, freshwater or marine, technician or management, production or research, nutrition or pathology, hatchery or on-growing, engineering or sales, we can help you to fill or find that specialist post!

For Jobseekers

Aquaculture Recruitment aims to provide more job vacancies than any other job board, as well as a number of services we can offer to help you on the next step in your career. Check out the Jobseeker page for more information.

For Employers

There is currently no other recruitment company that specialises in aquaculture, we therefore have a very unique candidate audience and portfolio, as well as offering a wide range of other services. Check out the Employer page for more information.

Aquaculture Recruitment has brought together experience both from the aquaculture and recruitment industries, so we are perfectly suited to provide you with the service you need.

Our Mission

Aquaculture Recruitment aims to provide the complete recruitment solution to the global aquaculture industry.

We're Green

Here at Aquaculture Recruitment we are extremely conscientious about the environment, and we do all we can to ensure our operations have the smallest possible impact. We adopt the three Rs approach to all of our resources and aim to reduce, re-use and ultimately recycle.

How We’re Green:

  • Low energy consumption:
    • all of our office machines go into energy saving mode when not it use
    • use of energy saving light bulbs and LED’s throughout our office
    • we harness the sun and use solar energy to heat our water
    • we have argon filled double glazing throughout our office
  • We recycle all of our paper, plastic and metal
  • We use Print Friendly on our website, enabling our users to save paper and ink. You can also take advantage of this by adding a tool to your web browser
  • Our website is hosted on server with a company that is 130% green
  • We encourage our staff to participate in coastal and underwater clean-up programmes
  • Helping our staff reduce their own personal carbon emissions


We take security very seriously and do all we can to protect user information. The website has built in tools which not only serve as a firewall, but also continuously scan for malware, viruses and other unwanted threatening content. In addition the site is scanned on a daily basis by a third party, who provides the following verification badge to demonstrate the site has been scanned:
website security



In order to further protect site content and user information, we also use another tool which adds certain security measures to the registration process, as well how user information is stored.


Where ever possible we use the reCaptcha tool in order to restrict the number of spammers. This tool restricts automated programs from sending messages, or even registering, as it requires that a user has to first enter an automatically generated code before any information can be submitted.

On an individual basis, we at Aquaculture Recruitment take every precaution by ensuring that all computers have the latest firewall and anti-malware programs installed, as well as ensuring our antivirus and password protection programs are always up to date.

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